Alumni – keep involved

Rowing kit in the early days (1848)
1848 Kit in the early days

MCBC are keen to expand on the existing links and to build strong new ones with alumni! It is always great to meet former rowers at events such as the Summer Eights. Every year had its ups and downs and special stories to remember and wisdom to pass on to current students and active oarsmen. We do our best to keep in touch, but please do introduce yourself so we can keep you up to date with how the Club is doing and what is going on. Anticipating that the website will hopefully become a more stable feature, the best way to keep up to date with MCBC via this or through our other social media outlets as linked in the footer. News is also published news through official college publications, such as Postmaster. Please get in touch with our PR & Alumni Officer for details via the contact form.

Eights Dinner

After the success of Alumni Dinners in the past, we have combined the event with Eights Dinner for the past few years with attendance by the Warden and a great number of familiar old faces in the magnificent setting of Hall. Particularly the 2014 dinner with both a great number of fellows (due to the fact of them having not only rowed on, but qualified and rowed in Summer Eights proper) and alumni, having matriculated as long ago as 1949 next to current students who merely went up the previous autumn, in attendance was a distinctive highlight of the year.
Every year, we warmly invite every former oarsman and woman or who feels connected to MCBC back up to Oxford to hopefully watch some decent rowing on the Saturday of Summer Eights and join us for the dinner in the evening. Details will be sent out via the Development Office in Hilary Term, and we would love to see you there.

The Merton Gannets

Merton Gannets Boat Club has existed on-and-off since the 1950s as a way for old Mertonians to row competitively without the commitment level required at a normal club. Gannets activities are organised on a rather ad-hoc basis. The organisation of crews depends on individual former members, but we are happy to help out and liaise and try and find enough people and equipment for races. The Gannets race when they feel like it – when the weather is nice, the race not too demanding, and they can get a decent crew together. Equipment is borrowed from MCBC, so the Gannets often attend the same regattas as Merton, such as Head of the River, Oxford City bumps, and Oxford City Royal. Training is minimal to non-existent, the whole point being to prove that skilful oarsmanship and wily coxing will usually get the better.

The Merton Society Weekend

The College runs social weekends for all alumni in its termly Merton Society Weekends. If you plan on attending this event and know of other alumni who would like to get out onto the Isis, please get in touch and we can make arrangements – depending on numbers, we can fill an eight with alumni and current students together!

JCR v MCR v SCR v Alumni boat race

A long-time plan is to create an internal boat race in which each common room and the alumni can prove the rowing strength. We hope to some day bring together the powerhouses of all three common rooms and Merton Alumni in what promises to be the ultimate inter-generational show down. Certainly a current student v alumni race should be in the cards. If you are interested in this event, and know of others who might be, please do get in touch to express your interest.