TORPIDS 2019, DAY 1.

Hello everyone,

A great first day of racing on the Isis, in an afternoon that felt like Summer Eights!


Merton is taking part to Torpids with three crews (M1, M2, W1). Furthermore, three of our girls are rowing with St. Benet’s in Div. 5.


The first crew to race was M2 (Div. 5), starting from bungline 6 and chasing Wolfson III. After a good start, M2 was closing down on Wolfson, which then bumped due to a concession of John’s II. M2 kept started then chasing John’s obtaining a concession at the exit of the gut.


W1 (Div. 3), started from bungline 6, chasing St. Hilda’s, and after a good start, was gaining quickly. There was then some confusion in the gut with various crews in banks/trees, but W1 could swiftly overbump on St. Hugh’s coming out of the gut.


M1 (Div. 2), started from bungline 10, chasing Lincoln. Quick off the start and having barely settled, M1 found themselves on the bottom of a four boat sandwich with Lincoln, LMH and Mansfield ahead of them. Given that Lincoln was steadily gaining on LMH on the way to Donny bridge, our bump had to happen very soon, if going to avoid having to go for the long run. Katie, the cox called a push at the bottom gut, and powering mightly through the bouncy water, the boys could catch Lincoln just in time in the gut. This is the first time Merton’s M1 will be ahead on Lincoln’s M1 since 1959.


A clean sweep, with all the Merton crews bumping successfully on the first day of racing, something that happened to MCBC on a Torpids Wednesday for the last time in 1999!


Further updates tomorrow.




Torpids day1